Emergency COVID-19 Food Aid

The world is facing a crisis of monstrous proportions. Every human, everywhere, is effected by the global pandemic which has engulfed our lives. In Rwanda, the situation is dire. Lockdown is enforced by the military and police, that do not allow people to leave their homes to work.

Almost the entire population survives on finding daily employment to feed their family, they are without the luxury of working from home. What does this mean for our community of Inshuti families?

No work = no money = no food. These families have been struggling since lockdown and many have not had any food for days.

While Inshuti of Rwanda has always believed in the importance of sticking closely to our mission, of building houses for impoverished families, we feel it is necessary to expand our scope and intervene.

There are 50 families a part of our Inshuti community who desperately need help. For just $30 we can provide enough food for two meals a day, necessary soap for protection against Coronovirus, to one family for two weeks. A goal of $3,000 is necessary to support our Inshuti families for one month. That's just $2.20 a day! We recognize that COVID-19 has effected all of us, and many of you may be suffering hardships too, however we ask you not to forget those who are less fortunate than us.

Without our help, these families will not survive the coming weeks. Please considering donating. We thank you for being a part of our growing Inshuti community.

Welcome to Inshuti of Rwanda!

Inshuti of Rwanda is a nonprofit organization working in collaboration with Rwandans to build simply designed, locally sourced, and hygienic housing.

The houses that we construct provide much more than a foundation of a shelter. They provide safety from the elements, prevent the spread of diseases through sanitary flooring, beds with mosquito nets and proper pit latrines.  We rely on locally-sourced materials and construction workers paid a fair wage, supplying jobs in the process.

Inshuti means “friend” in Kinyarwanda; we invite you to join us as friends and supporters of our mission.


Makuza, after moving into his new house, “I feel like a youth again, and now I can impregnate my wife”.

Hassan Family

“Up to now, I can’t believe it!” Hassan, after his first nights sleep in his new home.


Olive, before she moved into her home, “I can’t sleep at night because of overexcitement".

Photo's From Our Last Build