Nyiransabimana Bernadette

The Inshuti of Rwanda team met Nyiransabimana Bernadette while working in Kanembwe Village for the 2017 building season. She was introduced to us by her neighbor Solome (Inshuti’s first house recipient in 2014) who was familiar with her situation and felt compelled to help her.  

Bernadette and her husband Nkundababyeyi were living in Muhanga District where he was a barber. In 2009, they moved to the city of Gisenyi so he could find more consistent work. They rented a small house where their first two children were born. Two years later, Nkundababyeyi married another woman and moved Bernadette out of their home to Kanembwe Village. With his new wife, Nkundababyeyi continued to work and live in Gisenyi and started a new family. Nkundababyeyi sporadically visited Bernadette and his children, sometimes providing enough money for food, but often arriving empty-handed.  In 2013, Nkundababyeyi raped Bernadette and another son was born.

Nkundababyeyi paid his final visit to Bernadette nearly three years ago, informing her that he would not provide her with any money and that he never wanted to see his children again. Since then, life has gotten harder for Bernadette. She struggles to find work and most days earns 750 Rwandan Franc (about $1) by cultivating other people’s land. Her children often go to bed hungry and she lacks money for school uniforms and books. Bernadette’s house is in total disrepair, with only two small rooms which are inhabitable, and is lacking pit latrine. Bernadette constantly worries that she can not provide enough for her children but doesn’t know how to make their life better.

In 2020, Inshuti of Rwanda plans on building Bernadette and her children a new house.  We urge you to join us in helping Bernadette, by donating to our house building campaign and telling her story to others.