Nyirakirwanigwa Genevieve

Nyirakirwanigwa Genevieve’s many hardships first started in 2010 when her first husband, Seti died from liver problems. A young widow, Genevieve was left to take care of their son, Innocent, on her own.  Genevieve thought her luck turned around when she met and married Karemera in 2011. They soon had a daughter, which they named Aimee. But it was only two years later that Karemera left Genevieve and moved to the Congo. She never saw him again.  

In 2014, Genevieve met Kusungu and shortly afterwards she became pregnant. Not long after that Kusungu left, without notice, and she never saw him again. At the birth of her daughter, Joyuse, the clinic informed Genevieve that she is HIV+. She receives ARV from the government but with little money for food she often takes them on an empty stomach which causes abdominal pain.

Genevieve’s mother recently died and she had been living with her elderly father, brother, and sister.  Her brother is mentally ill and often beats Genevieve severely. There are times when, while sleeping with her three children, he comes into her room and attacks her, forcing her to flee into the streets. She spends the rest of the night roaming the streets with her children, in fear of her brother.  

Concerned neighbors found Genevieve an empty, dilapidated house for her to stay in, as a safe place to be. The house has holes in the walls, a leaking roof and an unsanitary pit latrine. Genevieve fears returning back to her father’s house and instead chooses to stay in the safe house despite having no possessions. She tries to find work cultivating other people’s land but usually only finds a job a few days a week, earning less than $5. Even if Genevieve has enough money to buy food she must borrow a pot from a neighbor. When Inshuti of Rwanda interviewed her, Genevieve was in the safe house, where there was nothing in the home except one thin mat to sleep on.  

Let’s build Genevieve and her family a new house, so the may have a safe place to live.  Donate today, and together we can help change their lives.