Mbarushimana Guadance

Mbarushimana Gudance & Dusingizimana Jean-Marie are building a life together. Jean-Marie’s first wife was an alcoholic. She sold all of their possessions to support her addiction, and was unable to support their two children; Nirembere Olivier, now 13 years old, and Nizeyimana Sadi, now 9 years old. After 4 years, Jean-Marie decided to separate from his wife.

Thankfully, he then met Mbarushimana Gudance. These two now have four children of their own and are taking care of Jean-Marie’s first two children. Having six kids with a rent of 4,000 RWF/month (about $4.50) means these parents have to work extremely hard to get by. Jean-Marie often walks all the way to the Congo looking for a higher paying job, such as a porter or a masons helper.  The money he earns now is barely enough to feed his large family and pay rent on the small two rooms they live in. Guidance also works, cultivating other people’s land, where she earns around 500 RWF/day (about 60cents).

Recently, an elderly neighbor gifted this family a plot of land; seeing the financial struggle they are in.  Unfortunately, Jean-Marie and Guidance still have no way of paying for the materials to build a house. Luckily, we do, and you do! You have the power to help this family just by making a donation. Any amount will contribute greatly, and make a huge and lasting impact.

– story written by Bay Leigh Holmes