Uwamahoro Josianne

Josianne Uwamahoro was unaware that her in-laws committed killings during the Rwandan genocide when she married her husband Marcelo in 2007. A woman named Ange, an old friend of Josianne, reported that Marcelo’s parents murdered her own. Josianne was unsure of what to do with the information and remained quiet.

However, Marcel’s parents learned that Josianne and Ange were spending time together and, fearful of retaliation, forbade the friendship. Marcel sided with his family and began abusing his wife.   

Josianne and her two children, Kevin and Prince, moved to Muara Village 5 years later. Marcel followed and together they had two more children. He remains somewhat in the picture but continues to treat her poorly. He does not provide anything for the family.

Inshuti of Rwanda met Josianne as a worker during the construction of Olive’s house, a 2017 house recipient. We noticed what a hard, dedicated worker she was despite often carrying her youngest child on her back. We decided Josianne should be one our 2020 house recipients after learning about her story.

Josianne and her family need a new beginning. Let’s build them a house in 2020! Donate today.

– story written by Robert Goszkowski