Nkunzurwanda Sadiki

Throughout his life, Sadiki has risen above challenging circumstances. Born in a poor village, Sadiki’s mother passed away while he was very young. Sadiki’s father struggled to afford school fees for Sadiki and his four siblings. 

At age 15, Sadiki started working as a mason’s helper for two years. During the third year he began learning how to be a mason while still earning the modest pay of a helper. Having fully developed his skills to build, Sadiki came to Kanembwe village to look for work commensurate with his ability. He met his wife Hamida there where they started a family.

He also joined a saving cooperative where he made daily contributions of 1,000 RWF, eventually cashing out 230,000 to buy a small piece of land. The final price was 300,000 and Sadiki is working hard to repay the remaining 70,000 so that Inshuti of Rwanda can build him and his family a house next year.

Make a donation today to help Sadiki be able to build his own home.

-story written by Robert Goszkowski