Our 2020 Families

In 2020, our plan is to build 10 houses for families living in deplorable conditions.  Often times the houses these families live in have roofs with many holes in them, they lack proper pit latrines and all the families sleep on the floor.  We have been working more closely with Murara Sector leaders to identify families most in need and there are 130 people in the Murara Sector who are in immediate need of housing.  While most are single-mother families, we also help families with working fathers that are still struggling, including some of our own masons who have been involved with Inshuti since our first house.  This year, eight of our families are from the Murura Sector list, one is an Inshuti mason and the last a genocide survivor.  We invite you to meet some of our 2020 families, read their stories and see pictures of their current living conditions.

The Abasaza House

The idea behind the Abasaza house started in 2015 with Beatrice, one of the laborers working on an Inshuti house in 2015. Beatrice is an elderly, single, woman with no family.  Traditionally in Rwanda, and most parts of Africa, aging adults are cared for by their children and younger family members. But unfortunately for Beatrice, most of her family perished during the Rwandan Genocide or due to illness. As an older women, Beatrice can not do the same jobs she used to and struggles to earn any money. She currently lives in a tiny, dilapidated house where the roof it littered with holes and she often goes hungry....... continue reading.

Our 2020 Building Campaign

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