Meet Our 2021 Families

Together with your help we can build houses
and Brighter futures for these families
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Widow, 34 years old

- Itangishaka Ivan, 16 years old
- Habinshuti Sadikin, 14 years old
- Hategekimana Ngabo, 12 years old
- Uwase Queen, 7 years old
- Nsabyimana Jean-Bosco, 3 years old
- Iranzi Patrick, 10 months old

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Government Work Program, 49 years old

- Ndamushobora Christine, 48 years old
- Maniragush Mardeline, 14 years old
- Muhawenimana Leoncie, 10 years old
- Uwizeyimana Valentine, 7 years old
- Irabishoboye Mary, 5 years old


We Believe Housing is a Human Right

Everyone deserves refuge from the elements
and to raise their children in a safe environment
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Day Laborer in the Congo, 32

- Igiraneza Samuella, 7 years old
- Ishimwe Parfaitte, 6 years old
- Mugisha Joachim, 5 years old
- Nishimwe Abigael, 1.5 years old
- Imanishimwe Salomo, 1 month old

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Single-Mother, 25 years old

- Rutayisire Smiley, 6 years old
- Igirimpuhwe Dorcas, 3 years old


Building Homes & Growing Communities

We invite you to be a part of our inshuti community

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