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Alphonse Story

Alphonse and his wife, Christine, had been living on Rubavu Hill when a landslide occurred and washed away their house. They were forced to sell a piece of land they had used for income in order to buy new land. With very little money left over from the sale, Alphonse and Christine began to build a small house with poor materials. Seventeen years later, the house remains unfinished; with no windows, dirt floors and an unsanitary pit latrine.

It’s difficult to support a family with four children on little to no income, let alone make house repairs. The local government recognizes Alphonse and Christine as poor citizens which qualifies them to join the VUP Work Project. This program works to rebuild the country by employing poor people to construct roads, dig water pipes and lay fiber optic cables. The government pays 20,000 Rwanda Franc (about $20) per month in exchange for the work

Just two days before our visit, this family’s eight year old son died. He had been well, with no sign of illness but suddenly became sick. Alphonse and Christine took their child to the local clinic but nothing could be done before he passed away. We found this family grieving this great loss in their small, unfinished house.

Inshuti of Rwanda plans on building this family a new house in 2021. You can be a part of improving their lives by making a donation and joining our Inshuti community.

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Alphonse and his family outside their home.
Slide 2
Their entire house has no windows.
Slide 3
The parents sleep on an old thin mattress with no sheets or blankets.
Slide 4
The few possessions this family owns.
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Can you imagine living in a house without any windows?
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Half the children sleep on this mat with no sheets or blankets.
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The younger children sleep here, also without any blankets or sheets.
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Together we can build this family a new house.
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The few possessions this family owns.
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Just a few old pots and dishes is all this family has to cook with.
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Unsanitary pit latrine at Alphonse's house.