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Anna Story

Anna is alone in this world and has nobody to lean on when life and times are tough. Both her parents died when she was just one years old, leaving Anna to be raised by her brother. When he married, Anna’s new sister-in-law began abusing her. Anna was treated like a servant and forced to do all the work around the house.

As soon as she was old enough Anna moved into Gisenyi city to work as a housemaid. That’s where she met Shadad who Anna believed would take care of her. They quickly got married and had two children. Shadad is a husband in name only and is otherwise useless. He comes and goes as he pleases, not supporting the family in any way. Anna pays the rent (3,000 RWF a month or $3) for two, small, windowless rooms. She tries to find work cultivating other people's land and for that she only earns 800 RWF a day or just 80 cents. Anna is lucky if she can obtain work four days a week.

When her parents died, Anna’s brother inherited and sold the family house and land. He gave Anna a tiny amount of money which she smartly invested in a small piece of land in Gahinga village. Anna was a dedicated Inshuti worker during our 2020 building season and after we learned of her hardships she was placed on our 2021 house recipient list.

Consider making a donation to shelter this Inshuti family.

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The entire sleeps on this old foam mattress with no blankets or sheets.
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Rainwater and wind enter their bedroom through the gaps in the wall.
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Anna was an Inshuti worker during our 2020 building season.
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The few possessions Anna owns.
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Anna only has a few old pieces of kitchenware to cook and eat off of.
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Anna and her family need a start at a new life.