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Nyiranizeyimana Ingabire
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Ingabire Story

Ingabire is a widowed, single-mother of six children. Her husband, Jean-Bosco, died two years ago by suspected poisoning. He was brought to the local health clinic and by the time medical staff figured out it was poisoning it was too late.

Before his death, Jean-Bosco, worked as a masons’ helper and was able to bring in a little money to help support the family. They were renting a small, but nice, house in Buhuru. When Jean-Bosco died, Ingabire could no longer afford rent. She and the children moved back to Murara to live near her family.

Caring for six children makes it very difficult to work outside the home, as a result Ingabire earns little to no money. She and her family often only eat one meal a day and each has just two pieces of old clothing. This is an extremely poor family. Ingabire would not survive without the support of her strong mother Alphonsine, who is herself an Inshuti worker and a 2016 house recipient.

In following with our mission to support our growing Inshuti community, we placed Ingabire high on the 2021 house recipient list. We are committed to building this family a new home to improve their quality of life. Please consider making a donation to help Ingabire and her children.

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Ingabire and her family can only afford to rent three dilapidated rooms in an old house.
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Ingabire and her youngest child sleep here.
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Ngabo, Queen and Jean-Bosco stand in front of the straw they sleep on.
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All of the children sleep on straw with no blankets.
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Ingabire's oldest daughter sleeps on this old foam mat.
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The youngest of Ingabire's chilren, Jean-Bosco & Patrick.
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Everyone in the family has only one change of ragged clothes.
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Consider making a donation to help build Ingabire and her children a new house.