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Donathile is the only person in her family to survive the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. She escaped with a few neighbors by hiding in the mountains of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 1999 while living in a refugee camp, she met Victor who she married. Life was incredibly hard in the refugee camps; they struggled to find food and lived in horrific conditions. Around 2007, Donathile and Vincent returned to Rwanda hoping to find work. 

Struggling to secure meaningful employment, their situation did not improve. Donathile and Victor now had three small children to support and the entire family often went to bed hungry. Slowly Victor became despondent and began drinking more. He would stay out all night and sleep with other women. Then, when their youngest daughter was one year old, Victor left and never came back.

Donathile has been a single-mother for the last five years and alone supports her children. She is often several months behind on rent and lives in constant fear of becoming homeless. Donathile lives with the trauma of losing her entire family and shoulders the burden of caring for five children.

We are committed to building this family a new home to improve their quality of life. Please consider donating to help shelter Donathile and her children.

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Donathile and her daughters Gentille, Fillete and Promise.
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A true survivor; Donathile lived through the 1994 Genocide and being married to an abusive alcoholic husband.
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Donathile and her two oldest daughters sleep together on this thin mat.
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The few possessions the family owns.
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Mukundankase Gentille (15 years old), Umuhoza Fillete (10 years old) and Uwineza Promise (6 years old).
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The younger children sleep on this old foam mattress with no sheets or blankets.
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Help us build Donathile's family a new house by donating today.

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