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Marceline has lived almost her entire life in the dilapidated house where she was born. She grew up in Murara village, married a local man, and together they had three children. When Marceline was still pregnant with their youngest child, her husband ran off. Being a single-mother and unable to pay rent, she moved back in with her mother.  

Pelagie, Marceline’s mother, has been in pain and bed-bound for ten years. Despite many visits to the local clinic, nobody can diagnose her problem or figure out why she can not ambulate. Pelagie spends her entire day in a dark room, looking out at the world through a small window. The bed is made out of dried beanstalks, and there are no blankets to cover her.

Marceline can only look for work near home since she is the sole caregiver for her incapacitated mother and two children. She raises guinea pigs and sells them to neighbors earning one dollar each. Guinea pigs are a cheap source of protein for poor families in Rwanda. Marceline never stops worrying about how she will support her family and fix their old, rundown house. 

We plan on giving this family a fresh start by building them a new house in 2022. You can be a part of improving their lives by making a donation and joining our Inshuti community.

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Marceline with her children Vestine and Jean-Baptiste.
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Pelagie, Marceline’s mother, has been in pain and bed-bound for ten years.
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The family raises guinea pigs as an alternative food source.
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The few possessions this family owns.
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Marceline's children; Uwamahoro Vestine (7 years old) and Nshimiyimana Jean-Baptiste (9 years old).
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Marceline and her children sleep on this old straw mat.
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The few possessions this family owns.
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Help us build Marceline and her family a new home by making a donation today.

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