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Marie-Chantel Story

Marie-Chantel’s family is struggling to survive with almost no income, and with seven children to support, they are in crisis. The local government is placing great importance on helping this family before it becomes too late.

Jean-Damascene, Marie-Chantel’s husband, was a part of the Rwandan Defense Force. He received a decent salary, and the two were able to buy land and start building a small house. In 2004, Jean-Damascene was injured during a cross-border firefight with M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Since then Jean-Damascene is unable to work manual jobs, leaving Marie-Chantel to find employment and care for their seven children. She most often cultivates other people’s land for less than a dollar a day. It’s barely enough to feed their family. 

Jean-Damascene and Marie-Chantel’s house is in a state of disrepair with no windows and a leaking roof. All the children sleep on dried bean-stalks laid on a dirt floor, and each only has one pair of clothing. The family lacks a proper pit latrine which places them at risk for disease. The days Marie-Chantel can not find work, the entire family goes without food.

Marie-Chantel and her family are high on the 2022 house recipient list and we are committed to building this family a new home. Join us in helping this family begin a new life by making a donation.

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Marie-Chantel with four of her six children.
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Dried bean stalks are laid on the floor as a place for the youngest children to sleep.
Slide 3
Marie-Chantel only has two pots and a plate to use when cooking.
Slide 4
Each member of the family only has one set of clothing.
Slide 5
Marie-Chantel's children suffer from skin rashes and mite bites from unsanitary living conditions.
Slide 6
Jean-Damascen and Marie-Chantel sleep on this old foam mattress with no blankets.
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Join us in building a new home for Marie-Chantel and her family by making a donation.

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