Kampire Marie-Gorret
Marie-Gorret Story

We came to know Marie-Gorret as an Inshuti employee during the last two building seasons. She is a hard worker, a single-mother of two small children, and alone in the world. 

When Marie-Gorret was in high school, she met an older man and they started dating. She quickly dropped out of school, got married, and became pregnant with her first child. Marie-Gorret’s husband was a cobbler and with his small salary they could support themselves. When her youngest child was just one year old, Marie-Gorret’s husband abandoned the family and she has never seen him again.

Marie-Gorret tries to earn money any way she can, but most often she carries adobe bricks. If she works from 5 am till 5 pm, without stopping, she can carry 100 bricks in a day. Earning just 10 Rwandan francs per brick, she only makes 1,000 RWF or $1. This is never enough money to pay for rent, food and clothes for her children.

We place great importance on sheltering single-mother families with no support systems and our workers within the Inshuti community. Help us build a home for Marie-Gorret and her children by making a donation today.

Slide 1
Marie-Gorret and her children; Mutoni Albine (5 years old) and Habumugisha Jean (3 years old).
Slide 2
The entire family sleep together on an old foam mat.
Slide 3
The only cookware Marie-Gorret owns.
Slide 4
Marie-Gorret worries about providing safe housing for her children.
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You can help us build a new house for Marie-Gorret's family by making a donation today.

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