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Nyirandirivamunda Christine is 42 years old and the mother to three children; Twirignirimana, 15; Tuyizere Valentin, 13; and Dusingizimana Suplier, 4. Christine's first husband left when Twirignirimana was just one year old. Christine then had her two youngest children with a man who never supported them.

Having nowhere to live, Christine’s brother gave her a piece of land, and the family came together to build a small structure to shelter them. Christine’s house is composed of one large room and has no windows. The metal roof has holes, leaving Christine and her family exposed to the elements. The family sleeps together on a bed constructed of dried bean stalks and an old grass mat.

Christine cultivates other people's land for $1 a day during certain growing seasons. However, many times of the year, Christine has no way to support her children and can not buy the necessary school uniforms needed for them to attend public school. As a result, her two oldest children have not been in school for more than a year. Twirignirimana raises guinea pigs and sells them for 50 cents, hoping he can raise enough money to buy himself a new school uniform.

You can help us build Christine's family a new Inshuti home and provide school uniforms for her children to have an opportunity for a brighter future.

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Nyirandirivamunda Christine with her children Twirignirimana, Tuyizere Valentin, and Dusingizimana Suplier, in front of their one room home.

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The entire family sleeps together on a bed made of dried bean stalks and a grass mat.

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Their one room home is too small for four people.

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The family raises goats as an investment in the hopes of bringing their third child home.

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Francine's pots are all old, and she owns few plates and utensils.

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Many have holes, but she continues to save them anyway.

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Despite working hard their entire lives, Jean-Baptiste and Francine struggle everday to support their family.

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Each child has only a few pieces of clothing; many are old and have been repaired several times.

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Outside of old pots and a few pieces of clothes, these are the only possessions the family owns.

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Make a donation today and together we can build a new home for Francine and Jean-Baptiste.

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