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Joselyn’s story is one that is sadly common in Rwanda but heartbreaking nonetheless. Few people show much emotion while sharing their stories, but Joselyn had tears in her eyes before she even started speaking. Seven years ago, Joselyn’s husband left her and started a family with another woman. She was left to care for her three children, Eric, 15; Emmanuel, 13; and Oscar, eight years old.

For the past year, Joselyn’s children have not been able to attend school because she cannot afford the uniforms and books required for Rwanda’s free primary school. To survive, Joselyn has been cultivating other people’s land while she and her children raise guinea pigs to sell for fifty cents each. They live in squalor in a poorly constructed home and are just trying to get by.

They live in squalor in a poorly constructed home and are just trying to get by. Joselyn’s current home is one of the least inhabitable places we have seen. Her children sleep on a bed of mud bricks with only a few dirty blankets to keep them warm. There are cracks in her walls and holes in her ceilings, meaning that every time it rains, the floor becomes a mud pit. There are no locks or any way for Joselyn to secure her home and allow her children to feel safe.

We hope to provide Joselyn’s family with a home to help them feel safe and secure while also giving her children an opportunity to focus on learning and growing. You can help Joselyn’s family by donating and becoming a member of our Inshuti community.

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Joselyn and her children Eric, 15; Emmanuel, 13; and Oscar, eight years old.

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Their home is old and structurally unsafe to live in.

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There are many cracks on support walls.

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Joselyn sleeps on an old piece of foam.

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All three boys sleep on a bed made of adobe bricks and a few old blankets.

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Every day Joselyn worries about her children's safety as the home is both structurally unafe & provides no security.

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The doors do not have glass or functioning locks.

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Joselyn places a large rock in front of the door at night to keep the family safe from potential threats.

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The roof has so many holes that when it rains the entire dirt floor becomes muddy.

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The children do not attend school because Joselyn can not afford the required school uniforms & books.

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Joselyn owns few posssions and saves even broken items in case she can use them in the future.

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She even repairs plastic buckets by sewing them with strips of rubber.

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The family raises guinea pigs and sells them for 50 cents each as a way to earn some money.

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We need to build a new home for Joselyn's family to provide them with safe, secure & sanitary place to live.

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