Campaigns for Inshuti Families

What is an Inshuti campaign?

Campaigns are designed for individuals, families, schools, community service projects or groups who want to support a Rwandan family in need of shelter. Each person starting a campaign will be connected to an Inshuti family through stories and pictures. With this information, campaigners raise money from their circle of friends and family with the end goal of funding the construction of a new house for their Inshuti family. These campaigns allow for more than the building of homes but it also builds a bridge between communities. A lifelong connection is made between the campaigner and their Inshuti family. At the end of the build, campaigners receive a framed photograph of the Inshuti family in front of their new home.

2021 Campaigns
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Single-Mother, 30 years old

- Irasubiza Shadia, 5 years old
- Niyonkuru Djuma, 4 years old
- Niyigena Shaban, 3 years old

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Day Laborer, 17 years old

Mukeshimana Igiraneza, 32, years old
Niyozera Dansila 14 years old
Indengera Solange 12 years old,
Niyomufasha Germaine, 10 years old

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Jean-Damascen's Family
Pit Latrine Digger, 60 years old

- Rutayisire Smiley, 6 years old
- Dusabimana Vestine 40 years old
- Tamuriza Claire 18 years old
- Uwimana 15 years old,
- Nyirarukundo Sylvia, 9 years old
- Manirumva Davi, 6 years old
- Uwuzuyinema, 4 years old

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Day Farm Worker, 30 years old

- Habimana Theophile 40 years old
- Bizimana Eric 13 years old
- Bikorimana Daniel, 12 years old
- Nshimiyimana David, 8, years old
- Iranzi Elisa, 5 years old
- Manishimwe Hezekiya, 1 year old