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Campaigns for Inshuti Families

What is a campaign?
What is an Inshuti campaign?

Campaigns are designed for individuals, families, schools, community service projects or groups who want to support a Rwandan family in need of shelter. Each person starting a campaign will be connected to an Inshuti family through stories and pictures. With this information, campaigners raise money from their circle of friends and family with the end goal of funding the construction of a new house for their Inshuti family. These campaigns allow for more than the building of homes but it also builds a bridge between communities. A lifelong connection is made between the campaigner and their Inshuti family. At the end of the build, campaigners receive a framed photograph of the Inshuti family in front of their new home.

Campaigns 2022
2022 Campaigns
Bay & Gail's Campaign
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Single Mother, 38 years old

- Nzasngamaria Eugenie, 14 years old
- Imaniragena Anne-Marie, 6 years old
- Immanishmwe Patience, 4 years old

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Day Farm Worker, 60 years old

- Mukantabana Elizabeth, 54 years old
- Nyrahageneimana Josianne, 27 years old
- Muhawenimana Solonge, 25 years old
- Uwiduhaye Sandrine, 21 years old
- Maniriho Sandrine, 20 years old
- Iradukunda Philemon, 15 years old
- Niyonsenga Eric, 13 years old
- Uwayezu Everest, 10 years old
- Niyongira Isaac, 6 years old (grandchild)
- Uwiduhaye Angelique, 4 years old (grandchild)

Susan's & Ruth's Campaign
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Mugabekezi Petronilla's Family
Inshuti Worker, 27 years old

- Ihimbazwe Bruno, 10 years old
- Isingizwe Fabrice, 6 years old

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Single Mother, 41 years old

- Habufite Ali, 14 years old
- Ntagisanimana Araf, 13 years old
- Ntagisanimana Amina, 6 years old