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Bayahunde Espérance's Family

Bayahunde Espérance (38 yrs old) had a husband who was the father of all the children she now cares for alone. Her eldest daughter, Nzasngamaria Eugenie (14 yrs old), was born with a disability that decreases her capacity to function through everyday life; meaning her mother is unable to work as she must care for her child at all times to keep her safe. Eugenie’s difficulties include no control over her bowels or bladder which makes keeping a sanitary home near to impossible, causing the family to be evicted from any place they try to rent.

After the birth of their second child, Imaniragena Anne-Marie who is now six yrs old, Espérance’s husband told her it was time to throw away Eugine now that they had a “normal” kid. As a mother, she naturally refused to abandon her child, and the husband abandoned the whole family to marry another woman during Espérance’s third pregnancy. Her youngest child, Immanishmwe Patience, is now four years old and has never met his father.

Espérance, along with her three beautiful children, is currently staying in two small rooms which are in terrible condition and constantly smell of waste. A neighbor allows them to stay there for free, but it is not a sustainable or healthy place to raise a family. We can change this family's life by building them their own home. Please consider donating to increase the quality of life for the entire family, therefore increasing the joy of the entire Inshuti community. Remember many drops cause an ocean; no amount is too small to have an impact.

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Why I want to help Espérance
Help Esperence Story

Helping this family means building friendships across the world. The eldest daughter is around my age and I am looking forward to making a connection with her. From my last trip to Rwanda, I learned you do not need to speak the same language to make strong friendships, and this just further proved to me that we can make friends with all humans, as all brains work differently. I am hoping to bring joy to this family, and therefore the surrounding community. Thank you for any help you are able to give. All donations will be transformed directly into laughter and security.

Please help me build Espérance's family a new house by making a contribution. Love, Bay

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Espérance and her children; Eugenie, Anne-Marie and Patience.
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Nzasngamaria Eugenie is 14 years old, nonverbal and developmentally delayed.
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All of Espérance's children sleep on this thin mattress.
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Espérance telling her life story to Felix, Inshuti's project coordinator.
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The few clothes the family owns.
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Eugine requires extra care and prevents her mother Espérance from finding work.
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Eugene's only source of love and support is her mother.
Slide 8
Espérance's worries how she will care for Eugene and her other children.
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Help me build a new house for Espérance and her children.

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