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For many years I have known I would travel to Rwanda, knowing it as a beautiful place and a place to honor and learn from. I didn’t know how or when I would go, and just recently, I was connected to Rosa through Liz Jackson at Gogi Abroad, and they have worked together to make it possible for me to be part of this project.

I am honored to have the opportunity to help build Samuel, Christine, Emmanuel, and Mosies’ house this coming January. I hope that this new house, and the support from the Inshuti Non-Profit, are exactly what Samuel’s family needs to feel like they are thriving, and I hope I can be a part of that support.

Supporting this campaign makes it possible for Samuel’s family to receive their new home and for me to be there with them when it happens.

I am excited to learn from Rosa, the rest of the Inshuti, and the people I meet. I’m confident that this time in Rwanda will serve me well going forward, both professionally and personally, as I continue my education and career. 

Thank you all tremendously for your support.

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Christine, Samuel, Emmanuel & Moise in front of their old house.

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Samuel, his wife and two children all sleep together on this old mattress.

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Samuel and Christine's siblings sleep on dried beans stalks and a grass mat laid on the floor. They have no blankets to keep them warm in bad weather.

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Despite being a bicycle taxi, Samuel can not afford to take care of his young family because he is burdened with supporting several brothers and sisters.

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This sewing machine belonged to Samuel's late mother. She saved money from sewing jobs to buy Samuel his bicycle that he now uses as a taxi.

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The family only has a few old pots for cooking.

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Samuel hopes he can pay for his younger siblings to attend secondary school so they have more opportunities for jobs than he had.

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The roof has holes, and the adobe brick walls are crumbling, leaving the family exposed to the elements.

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The family owns few possessions and struggles to buy basic living items.

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Help Cora shelter Christine and Samuel's family by donating today.

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