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Gail's Campaign in Memory of Bill
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Vincent' Story
Banzubaze Vincent's Family

Vincent and Elizabeth were married and living in Rutsiro District, Rwanda when civil war erupted in 1994. They fled to Masisi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and remained there as refugees for many years. Life was incredibly hard living in refugee camps. They struggled to find food and lived in horrific conditions. In 2000, Vincent and Elizabeth returned to Rwanda in hopes of finding work. 

They settled in Murara villages and began cultivating other people’s land. A job that provided little money, but still Vincent and Elizabeth managed to save enough to buy a plot of land. After several more years of saving, they built a small house but never completed the construction. 

Today Elizabeth, Vincent, their seven children, and two grandchildren live in the same house they built over ten years ago. There are no windows, the floor is dirt, and they lack a proper pit latrine. Most of the children sleep on the floor, lacking blankets or warm clothes. 

The entire family tries to find work by cultivating other people's land but often struggles to find employment. At the end of the day, the few family members lucky enough to find a job pool their money together to buy food. This meal is shared by the entire family and is the only food they have all day.

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Why I want to help Victor
Victor Help Story

Home…. a place of comfort…… to be surrounded in Peace…. a gathering of Love.

On 01 February 2021 the love of my life, Bill My Love, Richard William Gallon III passed from this world. We shared 43 years, 4 children and 9 grandchildren together. In grief I’m learning how to keep going forward. But I want Bill’s love to remain active. One day while praying for wisdom and clarity I heard a whisper…Inshuti. Our dear friend, Lauren Rose Marino (Rosa) traveled to Rwanda, saw a need, and out of her generous heart grew a nonprofit, Inshuti of Rwanda. The goal is to provide housing for families living in deplorable conditions. Local labor and supplies are also used supporting the economy. Wonderful organization founded in love.

Home was always important to Bill. How fitting that some of his last spoken words were, “Got to get home. Got to get to Maryland. Got to get home…..”! I’m not sure how many know that Bill was affected by hydrocephalus in 2017 that resulted in “Dain Bramage “ as he jokingly called it. He didn’t lose his sense of humor. Wow! I’m so grateful!!!

We all miss him. But I feel if we can do this one thing now in his memory that healing will happen. We are helping Vincent and Elizabeth’s family to have a home……a gathering place for them to grow and prosper.

We need to be united to bring more love In this beautiful world that we all call HOME.

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Victor and Elizabeth with their grandchilren Issac and Solonge.
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The younger chidlren in the family sleep on thin mat laid on the floor.
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Elizabeth cooks family meals from this pot and together they eat from one metal plate.
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Vincent who is 60 years old and Elizathbeth 54 are finding it harder to work long days in the fields.
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Vinent and Elizabeth sleep on dried bean stalks and a thin mat with their grandchildren.
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Vincenet and Elizabeth wiith thier children; Eric and Everest, Issac and Solonge.
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The older children in the family sleep here. Rice bags block wind blowing through cracks in the walls.
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Help us build a new house for Vincent & Elizabeth's familiy.

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