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Mupenzi Jean-Paul's Family

Mupenzi Jean-Paul, 24, and Uwimana Vestine, 33, have been married for three years and have a two-year-old son named Niyibikora Sedrick. They currently live in a very old home that is falling apart on his family’s land. In the hope that Inshuti would build them a new house, Mupenzi’s family has given him a small piece of land.

Well-known throughout the village, Mupenzi is a dedicated, well-loved community member and always smiling despite his many hardships. He is committed to protecting his neighbors, as exemplified when Mupenzi stopped robbers attempting to cause harm and steal from Claudette’s home, a 2021 Inshuti house recipient.

Mupenzi has been working with Inshuti for several building seasons as a pondayi (to mix/mixers- the workers who mix mud when building with adobe bricks or cement/sand when cementing walls or floors). During non-Inshuti building times, Mupenzi makes and sells mandazi (donuts). After buying the materials, making the mandazi, and working hard to sell them in two to three days, Mupenzi only makes $4. He often does this while caring for his son Sedrick. His wife, Vestine, is learning how to make traditional Rwandan baskets that she hopes to sell in the future when she finishes her training.

We love Mupenzi’s commitment to providing for his family, and he exemplifies what our Inshuti community is all about. Join the Greenwood School in helping build Mupenzi’s family a new house filled with all the essentials (electricity, beds, mattresses, bedding, cookware, and more).

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Why we want to help Mupenzi
Help Chantal Story

How can we relate to people and feel like we belong in this world if we never meet anyone outside of our personal bubbles? Our CONNECT program is all about building relationships with people you may not have encountered on your daily circuit. We want our students to have the opportunity to deepen their education through experiential education and place-based learning. When we heard about the work being done by Rosa and the Inshuti of Rwanda team, we were all in! What better than learning about a culture, getting your hands dirty, and contributing to making someone’s life better all at the same time?

Get involved and help us raise moneyto build Mupenzi's new house!

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Mupenzi, Vestine & Sedrick

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The family sleeps together on a grass matt wrapped in an old blanket.

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Each family member owns only a few pieces of clothes.

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Vestine is learning to make traditonal Rwandan baskets.

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She's a part of baseket weaving cooperative.

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Vestine hopes to sell her bakets at the market to help support her family.

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Depending on the complexity, it can take more than a week for Vestine to complete one basket.

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Mupenzi has been a dedicated Inshuti employee since 2022.

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Last build Mupenzi was a pondayi, mixer of mud or cement, and painted all the Inshuti houses.

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The family has very few possessions and uses old kitcheware to cook and eat from.

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During the off-building seaons, Mupenzi makes and sells mandazi (donuts) and earns about $2/day.

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Mupenzi and Vestine work hard to provide a better life for Sedrick.

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Sedrick's only toy.

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Donate today and elp the Greenwood School build a new house for Mupenzi and his family.

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