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Epaphrodite and his wife Vestine are hard workers who attempt to provide for their five children: Turayisenga Ndagijimana, 20; Dusingizimana Everest, 15; Icyizanye Farazia, 11; Maniraguha Innocent, 7, Kazungu Vincent 6 months. Both Epaphrodite and Vestine cultivate other people's land and earn $1 a day. Unfortunately, this work is only available during certain growing seasons, and in the off-season, they struggle to find jobs. To try and earn a little money, they raise guinea pigs and sell each one for 50 cents. Some days, there is no money for food, and they wonder how the family will survive.

Epaphrodite and Vestine's children are highly malnourished, as evident by their small stature for their age. None of the children have ever been in school because they can not afford the school uniforms, books, and shoes required to enter free public elementary school. The whole family is uneducated and has few prospects for a better life.

After the death of Epaphrodite's parents, he inherited their land. The family lived in a stick and mud house with grass-thatched roofing for ten years. During that time, they worried about how they could raise a family in those conditions.

Eleven years ago, Epaphrodite began making his own adobe bricks to build a house for his family. However, due to Epaphrodite not being a mason and having limited resources, the house was built poorly and with cheap materials. Fortunately, the government donated old metal roofing sheets, although, more than a decade later, those roofing sheets have many holes, which cause the house's interior to get very wet when it rains.

Jen and Gina are committed to building a new home for Epaphrodite and Vestine’s family during the 2023 building season. Please consider donating to help Epaphrodite’s family in their journey to obtaining a new home and improving their children’s future.

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FROM JEN: I came to Rwanda in 2010 to visit a friend and instantly fell in love with the country and its people. I was amazed by the spirit of those who have so little yet work so hard. While I was there, I was struck by the poverty I saw and wanted to help in some way, yet I had no idea how. I witnessed government programs in large gorgeous buildings in the middle of the poverty, and it was disheartening to see where the money for the people and causes went. I felt discouraged. When I got back to Maryland, I got caught back up in my life but had the internal pull to help. Just recently, I came across a post on Facebook of this beautiful woman smiling from ear to ear, and I had to find out why! The post was from a dear friend who had raised money to build a house for this Rwandan family. I was instantly interested and had to know more which is what brought me to Inshuti. Well, now I am hooked! What Rosa has created for the Rwandan people is nothing short of amazing! I am blessed to be able to be a part and feel fortunate that God has placed me in a position to try to help our friends here with little resources. These houses are LIFE CHANGING FOR THIS FAMILIES. EVERYONE deserves to have a roof over their head and the supplies they need to raise a family. It is now my mission to join the Inshuti family and help in whatever way I can!!! Let's build a village together!

FROM GINA: For a long time, I have been wanting to give back, but I could never find anything that I have trusted. Jen and I work together, and she has been super passionate about Rwanda, their people, and really helping improve their quality of life. I was on board the moment she brought this campaign to my attention. I cannot wait to help our family, bring them not only necessities of life, but show them Christ's love and that prayers can be answered.

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Epaphrodite and his family in front of their old house.

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Epaphrodite & Vestine cultivate other people's land during growing seasons for $1/day.

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The old roofing sheets have many holes.

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When it rains there is barely anywhere in the house that stays dry.

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The dirt floors become muddy in the rain.

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Farazia, 11; Everest, 15; Innocent, 7 years old are highly malnourished, as evident by their small stature for their age.

Slide 7

All of the children sleep together on dried bean and corn stalks without sheets or blankets.

Slide 8

Epaphrodite's famly owns very few possesions.

Slide 9

Vestine worries how they will support a fifth child.

Slide 10

Vestine's Rwanda identity card.

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During the times of the year where there is no farming work Apaphrodite & Vestine have no way to support their large family.

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When Epaphrodite build his house, he thought one day he would be able to afford windows. Eleven years later, they are still boarded up and the only light coming into the house is through the holes in the roof.

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To help earn money, the family raises guinea pigs and sells them for 50 cents each.

Slide 14

Discarded items found in Epaphrodite's house.

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None of the children have ever been in school because they can not afford uniforms & books.

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Help Jen & Gina build a house for Epaphrodite's family by donating today.

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