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Uwitonze Chantal Family

Uwitonze Chantal (37 years old) is a single mother caring for three children, Banituze Honore (12), Uwituze Honorine (5), and Izibyose Brian (3). Chantal is a Rwandan Genocide survivor, having lost her entire family to the conflict. She was left with no support system. Eventually, Chantal moved from eastern Rwanda to the Gisenyi area to begin a new life.

Chantal’s husband was a haircutter in Gisenyi, but when Chantal was one month pregnant with Brian, he stopped working as a hairdresser and started doing odd jobs in Goma. Three months later, he left the family. 

After her husband left, Chantal met Rutaboba, an older man who is also a genocide survivor. He eventually gave Chantal a small piece of land in Gahinga, hoping that she could make a home for her family one day.

Chantal currently rents one room on the side of a house. Each day, she searches for a construction worker job; however, she rarely finds work. On the days Chantal does not have a job, she has nothing to do and worries about how she will feed her children that night.

Chantal’s oldest son, Honore, walks an hour to and from school every day, often with no food in his stomach. He walks to his old school near the family’s original home to get a better education.

In January of 2022, Chantal became an Inshuti worker. She is extremely determined, despite the many difficulties in her life. Chantal takes her two youngest children, Honorine and Brian, to work with her, balancing her job with childcare responsibilities.

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Why we want to help Chantal
Help Chantal Story

The Millburn High School Feminist Club works to support and empower vulnerable women from all over the world through partnerships, school fundraisers, and discussions. For a number of years, we have been looking to start a fundraising campaign that directly assists some of these women. We were drawn to Inshuti of Rwanda because of its work to uplift women and families in need of shelter, and we feel that Inshuti’s mission really aligns with our club’s goals. Inshuti of Rwanda truly transforms families' lives through the houses it builds. We are eager to support this process—both monetarily and by getting the word out about this amazing organization. Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Any donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

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Chantal, Honorine & Brian

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Honore walks more than a hour in both directions to attend a better school in a larger town.

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Chantal inviting Rosa & Felix (Inshuti's executive director and project coordinator) into the room she rents.

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Chantal owns few possessions & cooks using old pots.

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The entire family sleeps on this old foam mattress with no bed sheets or blankets for when it is cold.

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Felix and Rosa making plans to build her new Inshuti home in January 2023.

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Chantal, Honore, Honorine and Brian

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When Chantal can't find work she worries how she will feed her children that night.

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Honorine, just five years old, takes care of her brother Brian when their mother is working.

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The entire family has only a few pieces of clothes each.

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Please help the Millburn HS Feminist Club build Chantal's familly a new house by donating today.

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