How We Pick Families In Need

The first house built was Solome’s in 2014 and that just . . . happened.

In 2015, we built four houses for single-mother families. All of the women were connected to Rwanda Sustainable Families (RSF), a Florida-based micro-loan organization, and people Rosa had met in 2012 and 2014. These women were suggested by Felix and after Rosa visited them, witnessing their need for proper housing, we picked them to be a part of our 2015 families.

During 2016, we built six houses, again focusing on single-mother families. Most were suggested by Felix, Inshuti of Rwanda’s Project Coordinator, but we began developing certain qualifications for picking families. They needed to have more than three children of young age and the women must own land. Local Rwandan village leaders also suggested families struggling to find proper housing.

For our 2017 building season, we built 10 houses! This year we began working more closely with the Murara Sector leaders to identify families most in need. We found 130 people in Murara Sector who are in immediate need of housing– and most of our families for 2017 came from that list. This year we also began helping our own masons who have been working with Inshuti since Solome’s house. Now we plan to help both single-mother families and families with working fathers that are still struggling.

2018 and 2019 were quiet building years for Inshuti but we have big plans for 2020.

In 2020, our plan is to build 10 houses and to break ground on the new Abasaza House project. Eight of our families are from the Murura Sector list, one is an Inshuti mason and the last a genocide survivor. The sector gives priority to genocide survivors, which moved this family to the top of our list.

We are working in collaboration with the Rubavu Sector on the Abasaza House project, building an elderly folks home for aging adults lacking family support. The Rwandan government is providing land for the project and we will finance and build the house.

Leocadie & Children

"Twice now, I am a widow and I lost two children too. Every night I go to sleep sad knowing I can not provide for my children and they are hungry."

Innocent, Oldest Son

"I wish I could help my mother and family more but I have no education. All I can do is hope to find work on someone else's land".

A Happy Family

"I can't believe people in America would care about how we live. I never thought I would ever sleep in a real house".