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Building Homes in Rwanda Since 2014
Our Team #1
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Meet Our Team
Building Homes & Uniting Communites
Our Team #3
Our Team #2
Meet Our Team
55 Families Sheltered in 6 building seasons
Our Team #2
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Rosa Marino

Rosa (Lauren Rose) is a hands-on lover of life. Whether it’s her first love of throwing pottery which turned into a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, or kneading dough for homemade pasta, Rosa is not afraid to… READ MORE

Rudasingwa Felix

None of what Inshuti of Rwanda has accomplished and still dreams to accomplish would be possible without Felix. Fluent in over five languages, including Kinyarwanda, Swahili, English, French, Luguanda, and conversational in several others, Felix is our fearless project… READ MORE

Steve Marino

Over the past few years, Steve has watched Inshuti of Rwanda blossom into an awe-inspiring non-profit charitable organization and in 2020 joined the board as our treasurer. He has taught mathematics for forty-seven years both on the secondary and… READ MORE

Beth Mitchell

Beth and Rosa have been friends since middle school and both graduated from Salisbury University. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom in 2011, Beth worked as a registered nurse in New York City and in Baltimore. Along with her husband… READ MORE

Scott Cohen

Scott first got involved with Inshuti of Rwanda after responding to a post Rosa made asking for a hand with some tasks. Since his background is in digital marketing and web design, he offered to help get Inshuti online… READ MORE

Erasme Uyizeye

Erasme began working with Inshuti of Rwanda in 2021, after learning about their mission and the impact of the organization on communities in Rwanda. The interest to join was also driven by environmentally friendly practices that the organization advances…. READ MORE

Ndafijimana Hussein

Hussein joined the Inshuti of Rwanda team in 2017 and our houses have never been so soundly built. Hussein’s father died when he was young and his family struggled to scrape together money for school fees. He started working… READ MORE

Rasheda Gillis

Rasheda is a fourth-year student in the Global and International Studies Program with a Specialization in Globalization, Culture, and Power and a completed minor in Spanish at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is a driven individual who… READ MORE

Molly Palmer

Molly is an enthusiastic college student with a thirst for knowledge. She is from Orlando, Florida, and is currently studying political science and human/organizational development at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Molly’s primary passion right now is traveling and… READ MORE


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