Erasme Uyizeye

Erasme began working with Inshuti of Rwanda in 2021, after learning about their mission and the impact of the organization on communities in Rwanda. The interest to join was also driven by environmentally friendly practices that the organization advances. The combination of home provision to people most in need and the use of sustainable materials are unique values that caught Erasme’s attention. Erasme is originally from Rwanda and currently lives in New Hampshire, USA, where he serves in a higher learning institution. Coming from an environmental science background, his work interest has included promoting community engagement in monitoring the environment. This interest takes roots in his upbringing. Growing up, he witnessed dramatic degradation of the environment along the socioeconomic gradient, with worse cases coinciding with where poverty is prominent. Erasme resonates with the idea that communities should be socioeconomically uplifted, and gain access to at least basic essential needs, such as shelters, to ensure sustained citizen engagement, such as participation in environmental protection. This has been at the center of Inshuti of Rwanda, he believes.