Rudasingwa Felix

None of what Inshuti of Rwanda has accomplished and still dreams to accomplish would be possible without Felix. Fluent in over five languages, including Kinyarwanda, Swahili, English, French, Luguanda, and conversational in several others, Felix is our fearless project coordinator and translator. Rosa often jokes that Felix is the mayor of Rubavu because he’s the type of person who knows everyone, is loved by all and can get the job done. Felix lives in Rubavu town with his wife, Joli, and their four boys; Raphael, Gabriel, Noble and Raziel. He is a proud member of the Evangelical Restoration Church Gisenyi and preaches at Evangelical Restoration Church Mahoko sub-parish. For the past five years, Felix and his family have welcomed Rosa into their home and treated her like family each time she is in Rwanda.