Rasheda Gillis

Rasheda is a fourth-year student in the Global and International Studies Program with a Specialization in Globalization, Culture, and Power and a completed minor in Spanish at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is a driven individual who enjoys studying international development, cultural change, human rights, and decolonization. Her academic interests and Inshuti of Rwanda’s commitment to creating ethical community projects drove Rasheda to engage with Inshuti. Rasheda’s passion for engaging with various communities is evident throughout her youth, where she committed to activities such as fundraising for an increase of hospital beds at the ripe age of eight, co-founding her high school’s first Black Student Association, and project planning for a local museum during her teen years. She is always open to engaging with and facilitating spaces for various levels of growth, whether through residing and connecting with the Cabécar Indigenous community to produce informative discussions about human rights violations or mentoring international students at her university. She hopes to apply her academic background in international development, globalization, socio-cultural anthropology, and experiential skills throughout her internship role. During her quiet moments, Rasheda enjoys trying new foods, practicing yoga, and binge-watching every movie genre.