The Abasaza House

The idea behind the Abasaza house started in 2015 with Beatrice, one of the laborers working on an Inshuti house in 2015. Beatrice is an elderly, single, woman with no family.  Traditionally in Rwanda, and most parts of Africa, aging adults are cared for by their children and younger family members. But unfortunately for Beatrice, most of her family perished during the Rwandan Genocide or due to illness. As an older women, Beatrice can not do the same jobs she used to and struggles to earn any money. She currently lives in a tiny, dilapidated house where the roof it littered with holes and she often goes hungry.

When Rosa (Executive Director of Inshuti of Rwanda) and Felix (Project Coordinator of Inshuti of Rwanda) met Beatrice they wanted to help her but knew that building a home for one person was not cost effective. During a meeting with Rubavu Sector Leaders, Rosa and Felix learned there were many more people like Beatrice living in deplorable conditions who had no family. A seed had been planted.

Initial planning to build a home for the elderly started in 2016. Collaboration with Rubavu Sector Leaders began and there was a push from the local Rwandan government to build the home in 2017. However, the short time frame didn’t allow for sufficient fundraising, so the Inshuti of Rwanda team set a goal for 2018.

In 2017, Faustin, the Social Affairs Officer for the Rubavu Sector, urged the Rwandan government to assist us in getting this project off the ground. The government offered to provide land for the home while Inshuti of Rwanda will fundraise and build the house. Faustin, Rosa, Felix, and Hussein (Construction Engineer for Inshuti of Rwanda) went straight to work making plans and a budget. The idea to house the elderly was beginning to take shape and they decided to call it the Abasaza House, literally meaning Old Person Home.

The house will be built on land that is opposite the Rubavu sector office and a short walk to Murura Clinic. The house will consist of eight small, two-room apartments and house four male and female seniors. There will be a sanitary pit latrine and a place for washing on either end of the home. Each person in the home will be provided with a proper bed, bedding, and a mosquito net, as well as basic housewares. 

The estimate for building this house is $6,000.  Please considering donating to help launch our new project, the Abasasa House and provide housing to aging adults without family support.

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