Who Are Inshuti Families

Ayinkamiye Solome


Nyirazigama Claudine
Nyirabaremera Christine
Uwicyeza Emerithe
Bangana Franciose


Akimanizanye Alphonise
Ntibazaruheza Bonifilde
Uwitonze Claudine
Ikimanimpaye Claudine
Nyirabandi Denise
Uwimana Leocadie


Cyiza Agnes
Nyirangwabije Bridgette
Nirere Cecile
Rizinde Claudette
Habarurema Fidel
Hakizimana Hassan
Bangamwabo Jean-Bosco
Rubambana Makuza
Nyirarukundo Marie-Claire
Murekatete Olive


Ntirvamunba Adraide
Nyiransabimana Bernadette
Uwimana Christine
Uzarama David
Mbarushimana Gaudance
Nyirakirwanigwa Genevieve
Harerimana Jean-Pierre
Uwamahoro Josianne
Ikingeneye Marceline
Manirakiza Marie-Claire
Nkunzurwanda Sadiki
Umuryango House #1
Umuryango Houes #2


Rekeriyo Alphonse
Uwayezu Anna
Nyiraminani Florence
Nyiragakondo Honorine
Nyiranizeyimana Ingabire
Hakizimana Jean-Damacen
Nyirandege Slyvia
Niyigena Wilson
JemNgendahayo Theodore
Mukeshimana Zawadi
Rwanda Sector Family
Rwanda Sector Family
Rwanda Sector Family
Rwanda Sector Family
Rwanda Sector Family

Single-Mother Families

From the beginning we have placed top priority on sheltering single-mother families with no support system. These women are alone and burdened with caring for large families. Often due to husbands who run abandon their family or widowed women.

Hard-Working Father Families

We also place importance on rewarding hard-working fathers who try to support their families. Usually, these families dwell in dilapidated houses due to do lack of resources and jobs.

Inshuti Masons & Workers

Our vision is to build more than just homes, we are building a community of Inshuti. Many of our house recipients are masons and workers who have been a part of our Inshuti community for multiple building seasons.

Rwanda governement housing list

Inshuti of Rwanda works closely with the Rwandan government at the local sector level to identify families most in need of housing. In 2020, we collaborated with Murara Sector to build two Umuryango Family Houses.

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Jean-Pierre's Family

"I have survived the Genocide only to be a refugee in the Congo, but I always wanted to return to Rwanda to raise my children. Now we live in a terrible house with leaking roof and sleep on the floor."

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Worries of a father

"I am an old man (42 years old) and HIV+ making it harder for me to do manual labor all day. I go to sleep sad knowing I can't provide for my family and worry how I will feed my children."

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A New Beginning

"I can't believe people in America would care about how we live. I feel like my family now has the chance of surviving and my children will have a better life.”

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How We Select Inshuti Families